How to sell your home SUCCESSFULLY

Thinking about selling? Whether you NEED to sell for a work or military relocation or whether you are simply considering a move up to a larger home or maybe downsizing to a home that better fits your needs, we find some common things that stress people out and we would like to make the first steps in selling your home EASIER and actually fun. 

Most people think that BEFORE we have a conversation or listing appointment that they need to clean everything, fix everything, landscape everything, and be up to speed on everything. It is actually the exact opposite!

Let's start with:

  • Talking with you about what you are looking to accomplish
  • Getting to know what will actually work for YOU when it comes to showing your home. (Yes, we have ways to make it more convenient and to fit YOUR schedule better!)
  • Understanding  your home and its overall condition. (We are not worried about the dishes in the sink, we promise!)
  • Listening to you. Seriously, we can best help you when it starts with that.

Once we get this part done, we can (and will!) get to the part about preparing your home for sale, helping you position it in the market, providing it with the exposure it needs and deserves, and etc. But that comes AFTER we listen, understand and get to know you and your wants and needs.

Our job is not to just get your home SOLD. (We are really good at that, btw!) We are in the business of making that experience as positive and low stress as possible AND in getting the most for your home. Only when we get that last part right, have we SUCCESSFULLY helped you sell your home. 

So let's have that conversation! 

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